Simple, inexpensive home automation

If you are comfortable installing a light switch, nattyhouse can help you save money personalizing and automating your home.  We visit your house to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for then care of all of the up-front work, including product selection, configuration and programming.  You then follow our detailed installation instructions (or we can help too) and then sit back and enjoy your new, automated home!

Smart lighting

Connected devices for your home and life. Conveniently control and personalize your lights.

Let your lights welcome you home when your garage opens, control your lights from anywhere, or automate your exterior lights to come on at dusk.  Want to add more switches or add more control from an existing switch? We can help you with that too without requiring any new wiring inside your home.

More convenience and security.

Know if you accidentally left the garage door open and remotely close it if necessary.  Add wireless leak sensors to alert you before significant damage to your home occurs.   Use video cameras to keep an eye on your pets and see who is at the front door.

Smart garage
Nest heating

Keep the home automation devices you already own and love.

Already have a Nest thermostat that is programmed the way you like? Or perhaps you have already invested in some Philips Hue lights or wireless cameras.  Using nattyhouse automation, you can seamlessly integrate these products together and add new ones.  And control them all from one app on your phone.

Want to know more?

Learn about Level 1 and Level 2 nattyhouse systems.